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Brazil TV and Written Press Fixer

Rodrigo Braz Vieira (1981) Brazilian, native of Rio de Janeiro. Has worked in the past nine years part time as a fixer for diverse TV and written press from the most different countries.
Having extensively traveled throughout Brazil, and most of Europe and Latin America has given him a great international background by knowing exactly what a foreign production company expects. Together with a deep knowledge of the Brazilian culture, history, nature, people, music with all its complexities.
Allied with all above, Rodrigo is fluent in many different languages which helps in interpreting, translation works as well as making the communication a lot easier between the international companies/individuals that hires him.

Here are some of the services him and his team can provide for you and your filming company in Brazil:

  • A General Fixer

  • Driver

  • Guide

  • Location Manager/Scout Indoor and Outdoor

  • Translator

  • Field and Travel Arragements

  • Visas and Permits Fixer

  • Researcher

  • Runner/General Assistant

  • Budget

  • Money Saving Logistics

  • Detailed Trip Schedules

  • Filming Permissions

  • Interviews and visits scheduling

  • All kinds of local transportation and lodging in whole Brazil

  • Translations/Interpretation in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Portuguese

  • Equipment rental

  • Casting

  • Permits and Credential

  • ANCINE Permits and ANAC permits (for drones)

Typical Brazilian topics and subjects he will assist you the most:

- Favelas, inequality and social issues in Brazil 
- Afro-Brazilian Culture and Religions, Racial issues and the different classes in the brazilian society.
- Politics, Brazilian General Election 2018
- Brazilian Music and Dance. Rio Carnaval.
- Football (Soccer)
- Sustainability, Ecossystems in Brazil, The Amazon forest vs Agribusiness
- Indigenous and traditional communities and land issues.

Having his own Tour Company and travel expertise allows him to plan, and take care of all needed accommodation, transportation, and give a good and accurate budget for your whole project in Brazil.

helden van den widernis Brazilië
johnny into the wild Brazlië
johnny into the wild brazilië


Rodrigo is recommended by the specialized website World

Here are the references he received there:

Rodrigo i have worked with in two occasions and in different parts of brazil. I can’t wait to work with him again. He is an intelligent fixer with knowledge of country, its people and history. Fun to work with and fluent in many languages. So yes i would definitely recommend him.

Robbert Bruijs – Dutch TV Producer

I work in whole Latin America, in not all of the countries I have fixers so good to know! Yes Rodrigo is a very good fixer, I understands completely what journalists/filmcrews needs and he speaks a lot of languages. He is also the perfect brigde because as a Brazilian he traveled a lot, knows different cultures and he is intetested in new cultures. He is also very honest and its a plesure to work with him.

Nina Jurna – Dutch Correspondent NRC Handelsblad in Brazil. Journalist and TV Producer

As a correspondent I have worked with Rodrigo Braz Vieira on several reports for Dutch television and have come to know him as a resourceful, well-connected and hard-working producer. He is very knowledgeable about what plays in all strata of Brazilian society, speaks his languages (even Dutch!) and is fun to be around. Since he is an interesting person in his own right, I also did a story about him! I highly recommend him.

Max Westerman – Dutch Journalist

I have worked with Rodrigo as a location fixer/producer in Brazil/Argentina two times in the past. I am an Editor in Chief/Director making mostly travelshows for Dutch TV and have worked with many fixers before. Rodrigo is a very nice person to work with. He is open in his communication, understands fast what you’re looking for and always delivers what he’s promised. He knows his way around! Would definitely work with him in the future!

Andrea Pleijte – Dutch TV Producer

I have worked with Rodrigo twice - he fixed two photoshoots for me in Brazil, for the Sunday Times Travel magazine and Wanderlust. Rodrigo's work was first class. He was reliable, prompt and excellent value, and he found just what I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend him

Alex Robinson – British Photographer and Writer

He was amazing! He was so knowledgable and fluent in multiple languages, and his laid-back vibe was calming and excellent. Very impressed by his knowledge of Rio, and all his fantastic tips.

La Carmina -  Fashion Influencer

Working with Rodrigo and Bira was a big pleasant! In the pre-production I worked with Rodrigo, who totally understand what we need for the program! He came with amazing ideas, and locations. Bira was an amazing fixer on location, good ideas, punctual, flexible and a really nice and sweet person to work with. I really can recommend these fixers for tv shows in Brasil, it was a party to work with them, and they showed us brasil in the real way!

Tim te Boekhorst – Dutch TV Producer

He helped us great time. With all the pre production of the KLM ifly video about Rio and during the shoot he was our guide on camera. A very pleasant, social and smart guy!

Talita de Waal – Dutch TV Producer

I have a good experience with Rodrigo. Nice guy, always flexible and willing to help.

Maarten Brusseleers – Belgian TV Producer

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