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Bravietour Incoming, has throughout the years of existence been featured in diverse international TV programs, newspapers, magazines and articles. Here is a selection of some of these media.

Recommended by the 2018/2019 South American Edition of Footprint Travel Guide.
2018: Recommended as the local tour operator for Carnaval activities in Rio by the Travel section of the english newspaper The Telegraph. 
New York edition of the prestigious magazine Vogue has recommended Bravietour Incoming as the activity tour operator of Rio de Janeiro.
Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad article on the slavery period in Brazil and the recent election of Valongo Wharf in Rio de Janeiro as UNESCO Heritage Site for being the main port of entry for African slaves in the Americas. The founder of Bravietour Incoming contributed with the article, as a tour operator that offers Heritage tours in the area.
Founder of Bravietour Incoming, Rodrigo Braz Vieira is recommended by the journalist Max Westerman as the local guide and organizer great experience visits in the favelas of Rio. 
TV2 is the largest commercial Norwegian channel. During the World Cup 2014 in Brazil they filmed at Pavão-Pavãozinho favela the boy Eduardo and his dream to become a football player. Norwegian football player John Carew gives him an unforgettable surprise. Bravietour Incoming was responsible for all the filming support.
VTM Niewus is one of the main Belgian (Flemish) News Channel. They boradcasted the football experience tour organized by Bravietour Incoming during the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Five belgian guys has had the experience of their lifes playing football with the locals.
Dagbladet is big a norwegian newspaper that during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil has made a series of videos about the football culture in Rio. One of the best videos is the visit of Casa de Santa Ana at Cidade de Deus favela, a project that Bravietour Incoming supports. 
Expedia UK showed the football passion of Brazil in several areas of Rio de Janeiro, from the beaches, parks and the favelas.
Discover the World of Sport in Rio with Expedia.
Een Vandaag is one of the most popular and reputable TV shows of The Netherlands. The renowed journalist Max Westerman  showed a positive and different side of Rio in the economic booming year in Brazil of 2008. He counted with the support of Bravietour's founder Rodrigo Braz Vieira to make this reporting.
I Fly Magazine is the online destinations promotion of KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines. Bravietour Incoming contributed in showing a less known parts of Rio and specially the Carnaval floats being made on the big ateliers. The lively district Lapa is also shown at this fun video about Rio de Janeiro.
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