Healthy Traveling in Brazil

Brazil is the largest tropical country in the world with an unmeasurable biodiversity in terms of trees, plants, but also in when concerns native endemic fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. One simple example, taking just one of the biomes of Brazil, the Atlantic Rainforest has 17,500 different species of flora, in comparison whole Europe has 12,500 species. Having this in mind, this rich biodiversity puts the country as one of the top places in the world to travel for foodies, travelers concerned about nutrition or simply curious individuals, fans of trying different kind of ingredients compared to what they have at home, especially ones living in a cooler and more temperate climate.

Here are some examples of native fruits and roots of Brazil that’s easily found in the local culinary they will enrich your tasting experience when traveling here.

Jabuticaba: Native of Brazil this little round fruit is largely used in juices, jams and to make wine and even liqueurs. It has a delicious sweet taste, it can also be eaten fresh just by removing its thin skin. Jabuticaba has a great nutritional value being antioxidant and anti-inflammatory . The fruits grow interestingly along the trunk of the tree forming a beautiful sight. More easily found in the Southeastern coast of Brazil at the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.