Vegan Food in Rio

Traveling and being vegan in a different country can be quite tricky sometimes, although Brazil is the largest tropical country and has the greatest biodiversity in the world, with an endless variety of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables which makes it into an ideal vegan destination. But the truth is, that during the past years the vegan options in the restaurants has luckily increased, but are still quite limited. As a vegan

- and continuing our previous post 9 Vegan Restaurants in Rio you must give it a try I selected a couple of options in Rio of cozy cafés, snack bars, quick lunch places and good places when you’re on the go and want to have a quick stop to please your hunger.

Vero Gelato Pizza e Café:

A real Italian café offering one of the things they know how to do the best: A good pizza and ice creams! Starting by the ice creams, they have a good selection of local fruit gelatos respecting the season of the many tasty Brazilian fruits like mangos, jabuticaba, jambo, cashew fruit and more! Every week there are different flavors. For the chocolate lover, there’s fantastic no dairy and no sugar added chocolate ice-cream which is worth tasting!

The best still in my opinion is the crunchy and delicious Pizza Vegana al Taglio, with a delicious home-made vegan pesto, cherry tomatoes, aubergine, zucchini and Paris Mushroom.