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Rio 2019 Street Carnaval Tour     (Bloco)

Besides the World’s well known carnaval parades of Rio, the true essence and the most democratic and coolest way of celebrating the Carnaval is joining the countless street carnaval bands and parties; the so called “blocos”. 
Blocos are made of groups of friends of a particular street, neighborhood, or bar, that informally forms a band that parades and play their music around a couple of street blocks. Some of these bands attract no more than a few hundred people and other more traditional and well known attracts up to 1 million party goers! 
Only in 2016 there were up to 508 blocos in the whole city and in the 5 days of festivities there were over 4 million people in the streets of Rio. 
But amongst so many blocos, there are always many questions: how to find the best one? with nice music? not so crowded? Safe? Where to find toilets? And cool people to party with? 
With us all these questions are answered and you don’t need to worry about it! 
Every single day of carnaval from Friday through Tuesday we pick the best Carnaval “blocos” for you and offer you the best experience of the street parties.
- Meet up point with beers, and special shots to get you into the Carnaval mood. 
- Samba dance crash course. 
- Special Carnaval Kit with adornments, confetti and serpentine. 
- Carnaval specialized local ambassadors giving you all the background info, the best inside tips, info on security and everything to get you the best hassle-free experience. 
- We get you to the best spot where the band plays.
- Public Transportation
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