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Watch Rio's 2019 Carnaval Parade as a local

Come to see, really understand and enjoy the beautiful and sensual parade of Rio’s carnaval at Sambadrome. On Sunday and Monday of Carnaval in Rio, are the nights of the Special Group with the most high ranked and impressive Samba Schools, with gigantic floats, extremely elaborated costumes in a explosion of colors, feathers, and creativity exposing different themes translated into a fun parade. 
The Sambodromo has many different tribune Sectors of stands, where only international visitors’ mostly stays is at the more expensive seats like Sector 9, or seats called frisa down under with no good view. We’ll get you to the tribune Sector 3 , with a great view of the beginning and excitement of the parade and best of all, placed where the locals go in order to have the most authentic experience. 
People have their Samba Schools that they support their whole life and wait the whole year to see them at the Sambadrome. With great enthusiasm singing, dancing, following the whole long night is a lot better way to see the parade. 
Our carnaval specialized guides, will get you all the background info, curiosities, social questions, funny stories for a better understanding of the World’s Greatest Party.
- Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off 
- Carnaval specialized guiding 
- Tickets to the Sambadrome Sector 3 
- Special carnaval kit for the Sambadrome. 
- Welcome drink
Pick-up 19:00 
Drop off: after the 3rd school or at the end.
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