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Local Guide in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil Specialist

Rodrigo Braz Vieira ( 1981) has a vast experience in guiding individuals and groups not only in Rio de Janeiro his hometown, but the whole of Brazil and many countries in Latin America.

Has passion for history, sociology, social economics, geography and local traditional culture such as music, dance, art and food. Has a deep critical look in the social inequality of Brazil and it’s influence in the Brazilian society.

On top of that is lover of language learning. Speaks besides his native tongue Brazilian Portuguese, also fluently Dutch, English, French, Spanish and has an advanced level in Norwegian, German and Afrikaans.

Some of the topics of Brazil you can expect from his services:

  • Walking historical tours.

  • Fauna and Flora of the country. Nature and ecosystems.

  • Afro-brazilian culture and religion, racial issue in the country.

  • Music, dance and local arts

  • Carnival and festivities

  • Football (soccer)

  • Politics and Brazilian Economy

  • Simple everyday life, local traditions and customs.

  • Inequality, social issues and the favelas.

  • Brazilian culinary and info on the top exclusive and the best and simple restaurants of Rio.

  • Animal welfare and veganism

  • Sustainability

Rodrigo can be your local guide in Rio, tour leader for small groups in whole Brazil, fixer for journalists and TV crews. And above all with his expertise and with his team, organize your whole trip in Brazil with his company Bravietour Incoming.

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