8 Best Tips to Rio's Street Carnival Parties

The real essence of celebrating Carnival in Rio is to take part in the many street party festivities, known as bloco. A bloco is probably is one of the words you’re going to listen the most during your stay in Rio in this Carnival period.

A bloco is simply an informal gathering of friends at a neighborhood bar or square with percussion instruments, singing songs and having fun. Most of these blocos are small with hundreds of participants and others became very popular attracting thousands of people.

In 2016 there were in the 5 days of Carnaval more than 508 blocos. So the questions are, which bloco to pick and have fun? What to bring? What are the precautions?

In this crazy marathon of almost 24 hours during five days of Carnival

Here I list 10 tips that I believe will help you a lot.

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1- Come with the craziest costume.

Carnaval is the festivity of fantasy, that being said you can be anyone you want and dress in whatever you feel like. Think of the most weird, thematic, colorful, not matching clothes you can have; now it’s the time to wear it.

Some ideas are: superheroes, Indians, firefighter, Viking, version of folklore clothes of your country, nun, you grandma’s old dress, etc.

But don’t forget as well to dress light. Otherwise the heat will melt you.

If you haven’t got any costume yet, go quick to the city center in the streets Rua da Alfandega or the parallel Rua Senhor dos Passos, the so called Saara area (popular discount shopping streets). The shops are open there until 01:00pm Saturday 25th of feb.