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Experience and join Rio's Carnaval Parade 2018

Most people coming to the beautiful and sensual Carnaval of Rio thinking that it's only possible to watch the parade and join the countless street parties around the city.

But the truth is that for a real unforgettable experience in Rio during this special time of the year is actually to take part at the parade with a costume on dancing on the impressive big Carnaval stadium!

My dad and me, right before starting the Carnaval Parade 2017

Normally most of the people that goes on the parade, are from the neighborhood where the Samba School comes from, or a members of it and goes to rehearsals for many months to be able to join it and get a costume.

But some Samba Schools do have some spots that are open for everyone to join, by buying the costumes and take part of it.

We from Bravietour Incoming, makes this experience possible for you! Just check Carnavals Parade Experience fore more details.

Recently I've been asked by KLM Great Stories to tell shortly about the Carnaval in the backgrounds where the floats are made.

Just take a look below:

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